DODICI WINES is a wine library with a collection of more than 2,500 author's wines and spirits, which was created by a team of expert wine drinkers from different Russian cities. It is our idea of the world winemaking and not only. DODICI WINES is the first official embassy of TENUTA DODICI winery, where you can taste the entire line of wines and move to Tuscany, making a real journey in VR-glasses in our vineyards and wine cellars. The concept of the project is based on the idea of "true cost": we offer the best, in our opinion, collection of wines and spirits at the best price the market can provide. It's a complex and ambitious task. And we count on you to be our allies in this struggle. Old school versus new school. A legendary brand with a history or a young but very promising and hard-working innovator who is just breaking new ground with his ideas. We sampled more than 60,000 items of wine and spirits represented in the Russian Federation. And thousands of times we asked ourselves these questions. We tried very hard to think freely, sincerely, and impartially and we offer you to estimate the result of our work. The collection of DODICI WINES is the first attempt to create an international level project in Nizhny Novgorod. To see a Muscovite, a resident of Italy, France, Chechnya, or the USA taking pictures in our store is a dream come true which we believe in. Each of our guests can count on a decent level of service from our dedicated wine experts, burning passion and love for their business, many of whom are former sommeliers from successful restaurants and caustics from the oldest wineries in the region.

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